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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

How to make a good Landing Page

Online Marketing and the Perfect Landing Page - Thumbnail

Online Marketing, especially Online Advertising, can have its success depend on several factors.

One of them, especially when you doing advertising for Leads, the design and strategy of your Landing Page is crucial for success.
You might have a brilliant campaign, according to every single best practice, but if your Landing Page isn't well done, it is money that is thrown out of the window - it won't convert or it won't convert as well as it should.

This infographic points out a lot of details you should pay attention when doing a Landing Page.
Even though there are some missing, it gives you a very good insight and important facts/recommendations.

Take a look and let us know your thoughts.

Online Marketing and the Perfect Landing Page - Infographic

by Paulo Bartolomeu 
Partner @ Whitekube
Photo Paulo Bartolomeu

Monday, March 26, 2012

How can Mobile Marketing help in 2012?

How Mobile Will Evolve in 2012 - Thumbnail

Companies can use several channels to achieve their goals and having multi-channel campaigns usually reaches more people and has a greater effect on results.

However, mobile offers an unique perspective almost every other channel cannot: reach anyone, everywhere.

Mobile is here, it surpasses 100% coverage in many countries and it can help companies reach that "extra mile" and really make a great campaign go virtually everywhere.

Unfortunately, most companies still see Mobile Marketing as an expensive channel, without measurable ROI.
Things have been changing over the last couple of year and mobile as move on.
Today it is a channel that can be (an should be) used by any company - SMS, Location-Base Services (ex: Foursquare), and others.
It is quite affordable and can have an interesting impact on sales, both in terms of acquisition and retention.
In terms of measuring KPI's and ROI, services like Flurry or Google Analytics, already help you analyze how it went, aside from the multiple Mobile Advertising agencies that offer their own integrated analytics.

Give it a look at what exciting services are predicted to have a big step-up in 2012 and start analyzing how they can help you and your company:

How Mobile Will Evolve in 2012

by Paulo Bartolomeu 
Partner @ Whitekube
Photo Paulo Bartolomeu

Friday, March 23, 2012

Business SMS on the Rise

The Rise of Business SMS (Mobile Marketing) - Thumbnail

TextMarketer published their latest infographic, focusing on the rise of SMS usage for business purposes.

Using original, primary research conducted by TextMarketer, along with supplemental data from ITU.int, Gartner and Juniper, the data shows which industries are leveraging SMS for business purposes.

It has quite some interesting perspectives and is another piece of information supporting the impact mobile marketing activities can have on businesses, not only on a B2C perspective but on a B2B as well.

Take a look and let us know your thoughts.

The Rise of Business SMS (Mobile Marketing) - Infographic

by Paulo Bartolomeu 
Partner @ Whitekube
Photo Paulo Bartolomeu

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Why Content for SEO

Why Content for SEO - Thumbnail

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is becoming more and more an "art".
On Site and Off Site SEO can be done in very different ways today.

However, good content is still the basis for a good website/blog.
Google (and other search engines) are evolving their algorithm very quickly, making it more difficult to have a well optimized site for every single part.

Content Marketing is having a good momentum and the importance of having good, fresh and unique content is getting in the minds of bloggers and webmasters.

Here's an interesting Infographic on why Content is important for SEO:

Why Content for SEO - Infographic

by Paulo Bartolomeu 
Partner @ Whitekube
Photo Paulo Bartolomeu

Monday, March 19, 2012

A Great SEO Tool for WebDevelopers

Search Engine Optimization (SEO), as we all know, is a very important step towards having good inbound traffic to your website/blog, especially the kind everyone loves - Free.

Let's focus on the On Site SEO, the optimization done in the website/blog itself.
The responsibility of having a well optimized website is both of those doing the marketing strategy and the ones developing the website/blog.

As for the first ones, it's a matter of looking into the business/company/blog and decide the keywords they want to be visible and that are more relevant to their website and business.
After the strategy is defined, it's time for the web developing team make their part.

Many web developers are very good at what they do, programming, but lack a clear understanding of the importance of SEO and how to implement the optimizations.
What happens? The Strategy is not implemented properly and it won't work.

It is important to give the web developing team a clear explanation of what is wanted and how to do it.

To help overcome this problem and make this an easy step, GinzaMetrics came up with a very easy to use tool that helps web developers: the Web developers CheatSheet.

How does the Web Developers CheatSheet work?

It is quite simple to use.
It is just a matter of filling in the important information:

SEO CheatSheet thumb
And it automatically generates the Tags necessary for SEO and Open Graph.
Here is an example of the SEO Tags:

SEO CheatSheet - SEO Tags

And of the Open Graph ones:

SEO CheatSheet - Open Graph Tags

Final Thoughts on the SEO CheatSheet

This tool is quite a simple and easy-to-use one and it can have an interesting impact on avoiding poorly programmed SEO Tags, and given its importance it is a mistake most site can't afford to make.

What do you think? Would it help you?

by Paulo Bartolomeu 
Partner @ Whitekube
Photo Paulo Bartolomeu

Friday, March 16, 2012

The Brain of a Blogger: Take notes - Infographic

The Brain of a Blogger - thumbnail

This infographic, "The Brain of a Blogger", is an interesting approach to what sort of things should be on a blogger's mind.
It is in a very simple and funny way, but very right.
From the template, SEO, how to make money with it, to what kind of content is published and how to bring more traffic into the blog.

For all the bloggers out there, it should be a must read and have all these things top of mind.
Let us know your thoughts.

The Brain of a Blogger - infographic

by Paulo Bartolomeu 
Partner @ Whitekube
Photo Paulo Bartolomeu

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

How To: Pin a Quote on Pinterest

Pinterest and PinAQuote.com - Thumb

That's right: pin a quote on Pinterest.

The rising star social network Pinterest can now have quotes pinned on their pinboards.
Up until now you could either pin an image or a video.
Now, PinAQuote.com helps you get the quotes you want on an image and share it on your Pinterest pinboards.

How can I Pin a Quote on Pinterest?

It's quite simple.
PinAQuote.com allows you to select the text you want from whatever source you want (as long as it is text) and it converts it into a simple image where you define (aside from the text) the source.

You just have to drag the "Pin a Quote" button into your Bookmark's bar on your browser and anytime you want to pin a quote, you just select the text, click the button, fill in the options...
Pinterest and PinAQuote.com - snapshot 1

...and it is ready for preview and pinning.

Pinterest and PinAQuote.com - snapshot 1

It is not rocket science but it works and is quite helpful.

Here's  PinAQuote.com's video on how it works:

Even though it ain't a new product it can easily give more boost in the already big traffic Pinterest is having.
It can easily turn pinboards into discussion boards where people post their unique quotes and discuss them with friends/followers.

What do you think?

by Paulo Bartolomeu 
Partner @ Whitekube
Photo Paulo Bartolomeu

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