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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The importance of Mobile Optimized websites

The Growing Importance of Mobile Website Optimization - Thumbnail

As we all know, mobile is growing and becoming more and more important.
Smartphones are becoming more and more present in everyone's pockets.
Everyone is accessing the web via their smartphones and looking at their favorite sites and for information on something.

The problem is: few companies/brands have their website optimized for mobile.

What's the problem? 
Well, first of all a bad user experience which will make people have a band experience with you and, ultimately, give you a bad reputation.

Given this evolution it is important, especially for businesses, to have their website/blog mobile optimized so that people can access it everywhere.
A lot of people browse on their mobiles for info on products before buying and while on the store - which makes your site a lead warmer.
So, for retailers it becomes even more important to have a mobile optimized website.

Since few companies have mobile optimized websites, it's a potencial advantage you might have regarding your competitors.

Here's a KISSmetrics infographic where you can see some numbers on the rise of mobile web usage.

The Growing Importance of Mobile Website Optimization - Infographic

by Paulo Bartolomeu 
Partner @ Whitekube
Photo Paulo Bartolomeu

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