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Monday, April 9, 2012

Digital Influence and Businesses

Digital Influence

Through Social Networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin or Pinterest, people have the means to share stories and their points of view about whatever they want.

Today, any person can influence others through their vision and opinion, becoming a thought leader.

Why this is important?
Businesses need to be aware of this because it is the perfect way to spread the word about their product and brand - people trust on what other people say, so get the influential ones talking about your company/product.

Influence is the key to all this.
There are already some ways to measure influence, such as Klout, PeerIndex or Kred scores.

This allows businesses to identify which users are the more influential and try to have them on their side, promoting their brand/product - offering them, for example, products before everyone else so that they can test it and make their own review.

It is important to understand influence and how it can have an enormous impact on businesses.

The Altimeter Group developed a presentation on Digital Influence and how to use to your company's advantage.

Let us know your thoughts on it.

by Paulo Bartolomeu 
Partner @ Whitekube
Photo Paulo Bartolomeu

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