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Monday, March 26, 2012

How can Mobile Marketing help in 2012?

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Companies can use several channels to achieve their goals and having multi-channel campaigns usually reaches more people and has a greater effect on results.

However, mobile offers an unique perspective almost every other channel cannot: reach anyone, everywhere.

Mobile is here, it surpasses 100% coverage in many countries and it can help companies reach that "extra mile" and really make a great campaign go virtually everywhere.

Unfortunately, most companies still see Mobile Marketing as an expensive channel, without measurable ROI.
Things have been changing over the last couple of year and mobile as move on.
Today it is a channel that can be (an should be) used by any company - SMS, Location-Base Services (ex: Foursquare), and others.
It is quite affordable and can have an interesting impact on sales, both in terms of acquisition and retention.
In terms of measuring KPI's and ROI, services like Flurry or Google Analytics, already help you analyze how it went, aside from the multiple Mobile Advertising agencies that offer their own integrated analytics.

Give it a look at what exciting services are predicted to have a big step-up in 2012 and start analyzing how they can help you and your company:

How Mobile Will Evolve in 2012

by Paulo Bartolomeu 
Partner @ Whitekube
Photo Paulo Bartolomeu

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